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The Keto Craze

The Rise of Keto

Have you heard of these popular diets – Paleo, Raw Food, Whole 30, Vegan, Gluten-Free? If you are food entrepreneur or creative in the food space, you have likely heard of most of them. As business owners and creatives, we need to keep up with the diet trends to evolve our brands. Now jumping to the top is the Keto diet, short for ‘ketogenic’. In 2018, Keto gained a huge rise in popularity not only as an established favorite among athletes and celebrities, but a hit among everyday people looking for a lifestyle change.

A Supportive Community

This diet is an incredibly trendy and only keeps growing. In fact, Keto is the most Googled diet. Instagram accounts based around the diet are popping up left and right. This digital aspect of Keto has created a supportive and social community for dieters where they can get recipe ideas, post about their progress, and get advice on any challenges they face (and this diet is a challenge!).

The Challenges

While it is popular, challenges are an undeniable part of the Keto experience. Because this diet is based on a strict menu of low-carb, high-fat foods, options can feel very restrictive. Nearly all carbs have to be eliminated to force the body into a state of ketosis. This means that rather using the sugar from carbs to make fuel, the body burns fat for fuel instead.

An Emerging Market

To help people ease in this lifestyle change and comfortably adapt to it, the wellness market is jumping on this new trend designing products for Keto dieters. Everything from cookbooks to Keto-friendly snacks to how-to guides. Entire brands are being created for the masses out of this movement, giving dieters access to a variety of products to support their lifestyle. In fact the designers here at Crème de Mint, just finished designing Keto Science. Now being sold in Walmart stores, their products include dietary supplements, meal replacement shakes, and meal bars.

Health Benefits

Keto benefits impact people’s lives. If dieters are able to stick to the strict menu, the results can be incredible. People see and feel their bodies transforming – improved energy, mental clarity, weight loss, and even a reduction in symptoms of chronic illness. In fact, Keto is currently being investigated as a possible cancer treatment aid. When cancer patients adhere to a Keto diet, it is thought that cancer cells grow more slowly because they are ‘starved’ of sugar from carbohydrates. While nothing has been proven, some studies have shown positive and hopeful results.

Future of Keto

With all the interest, adaption, and market expansion, Keto has certainly made its mark. Not only a market to. it still has very impressive health benefits that have the power to change people’s lives, and bodies, for the better.

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