Begin your product the end in mind

Whether you are looking to add to an existing brand or are an entrepreneur that is excited to start building a brand, many businesses only focus on the beginning rather than the whole picture. The exciting start of anything can be somewhat overwhelming, but one must begin with the end in mind. The popular new age book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, advocates visualizing where you want to be rather than where you are as a means of preparation. While the idea is to get your emotions in order, the practical application goes a few steps further with preparation.

A product launch is not just an event – it is a detailed ongoing process. Launching a product line capitalizes on sales momentum that can be built up via social media and word of mouth. This is not the time to forget details.

Think about:

You want your product to be in a customer’s hand, so you may be tempted to skip over important details. When visualizing your success, consider the details.


A product launch is an exciting time for any businessperson. It is also a time to balance being present with your business with having an eye toward the future. Visualize the end result. See your product or line as a series of steps rather than an event. See the final product and take measures to make it a structured reality.

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