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How to Find the Best Low MOQ Private Label Supplements Manufacturer

Lauren Casgren-Tindall - Principal and Lead Designer

Lauren Casgren-Tindall has been creating powerful, innovative designs over the past 15 years. She launched the company Crème de Mint, a CPG design agency, to specialize in designing food, beauty, and supplement product packaging.

Thinking about starting a supplements brand, but with a budget that requires you to start small? Starting small with private label supplements can help you build your business more quickly. Low minimum order quantity (MOQ) private label supplements manufacturing is one way to build your brand without investing too much in inventory upfront. This allows you to spend more of your budget on branding while taking time to test the market and see which of your products sell best. 

Key Points

• Manufacturers Offering Low MOQ
• Negotiating Strategies
• Product Selection Strategy
• List of Supplement Manufacturers
• Importance of Branding

What are Low MOQ Private Label Supplements? 

MOQ means minimum order quantity, or the smallest amount of product that a manufacturer will run at one time. The less a manufacturer invests in a production run, the lower the MOQ will be. Custom and even semi-custom supplements use special formulations that carry higher production costs and typically higher MOQs. Private label supplements are made in large quantities from stock formulas that cost manufacturers less to produce, which typically means a low MOQ.

Today’s supplements market offers hundreds of stock formulas for low MOQ private label products that may be a good fit for your brand. Once you know what low MOQ private label supplements you want to sell, it’s time to find the best manufacturer for the job. 

MOQ Private Label Supplements Manufacturers

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a low MOQ private label supplements manufacturer for your brand, so we dived into our lists and uncovered four manufacturers that market themselves as low MOQ or have a proven record of working with low MOQ orders. Below you will find information about each of them, including supplement types and manufacturing certifications. 

Custom Nutra

Custom Nutra has over 250 private label supplements products in stock and ready to ship.  Vitamins and supplements are available in capsules, gummies, tinctures, powders, and tablets with MOQ starting as low as 48 units for products that include collagen, herbal extracts, vitamins, and electrolytes powder. The Florida-based facility is FDA Registered, certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and certified WFCF Organic

Low MOQ Private Label Supplements in different colors placed on top of white background.

Robinson Pharma

Robinson Pharma is a California-based dietary supplements manufacturer of vitamins, herbal supplements, nutritional oil, antioxidants, heart health supplements, minerals, specialty supplements, and amino acids. The company has hundreds of stock vitamins and supplements in stock and ready to brand, with low MOQ available. Robinson Pharma holds multiple GMP certifications including dietary supplement certifications from UL, NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), The National Products Association, CCOF/USDA Organic Certification, SQF (Safe Quality Food), Halal (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council or America), and Kosher Certification. 


With a MOQ as low as 1,500 units, Florida-based PharmaCenter is another option for entrepreneurs who want to ready-to-brand low MOQ private label supplements without a lot of overhead. The company promises year-round availability of low MOQ CBD and vitamin gummies. Vitamins and heart health supplements, including COQ 10 and cod liver oil, are available from PharmaCenter in low MOQ quantities of softgels and tablets. 

SMP Nutra

SMP Nutra is a New York-based manufacturer that offers mainstream and niche nutraceutical products culled from over 8,000 raw materials worldwide. If nutraceuticals like the superfood Mānuka honey, mood-boosting chasteberry, and sea buckthorn (used as an anti-inflammatory) pique your interest, then SMP Nutra might be for you. Low MOQ private label supplements are available from SMP Nutra in gummy, jellybean, liquid, powder, softgel, capsule, or tablet form starting at 1,500 bottles per order. 

SMP Nutra is FDA Registered and GMP certified with additional certifications from NPA (Natural Products Association) and France-based Eurofins Scientific.

Negotiating with Your Low MOQ Private Label Supplements Manufacturer

Low MOQ Private Label Supplements manufacturer negotiation of woman shaking partner's hand.

Once you have done your research and have selected a manufacturer, you can work with them to negotiate your MOQ. Manufacturers are often willing to negotiate MOQ to an amount as low as 100 units (or less in some cases) per run, or $1000 of product by currency. The more products you order, the lower your manufacturing costs may be. 

Having a few low MOQ private label supplements ready for launch at the same time can help you to negotiate the best price. 

Choosing Your Launch Products

Imagine going to a manufacturer with an order for 200 units of one type of private label supplement. Now imagine going to that manufacturer with an order for 200 units of four types of supplements. A manufacturer may be more willing to agree to a low MOQ order that guarantees a larger overall production run – or at least more willing to negotiate on that final price. 

To start the conversation, we recommend having an anchor product and two to three complementary products with different price points to appeal to different consumers. Consider using a stock multivitamin or CBD gummy for your anchor product while adding nootropics as your second to fourth-tier products. Just make sure to do market research to find the best mix of products for your brand. 

Anchor Product

Your anchor product should be the product that customers associate most with your brand (let’s call it your brand superhero). It should also be your most expensive product, with a markup of $10 or more, if the market allows. 

It’s also important to select an anchor product that best represents your company and customer values. An environmentally conscious customer, for example, is more likely to seek out organic or animal-free products that are earth friendly and meet their specific health needs. 

California-based Cymbiotika has found its base in 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free anchor products like Magnesium L-Threonate, a five-star-rated memory supplement. Complementary Cymbiotika products include Golden Mind – a liquid supplement containing traditional medicinal extracts like “herb of longevity” gotu kola and Lion’s Mane Mushroom for improved clarity.  Cymbiotika includes a pro-tip on its website recommending Golden Mind in combination with Magnesium L-Threonate to support overall brain health.

Complementary Products

Low MOQ Private Label Supplements and tinctures

If you are using a mineral like magnesium or a high-quality traditional medicinal like Lion’s Mane for your private label supplements anchor product, why not look into memory and mood gummies or a tasty energy-boost tincture for your second, third, or fourth-tier products? Or, maybe make energy and focus your anchor. Psyllium husk for digestion, superfood goji berries, and sea buckthorn for heart health are other possibilities for low MOQ private label supplements to fill out your product line. 

No matter what you choose, be sure that your secondary products add value to your brand and can work together safely and effectively. 

Next Steps

Once you have a good idea of which kind of private label supplements fit your brand, you can research the best manufacturer for your budget and product line. We recommend a low MOQ private label supplements manufacturer to introduce your brand and test the market – without getting stuck with several thousand units of inventory you may never need.

If you are looking for more info on gummy supplement manufacturers or private label supplements with no minimum order, you’ll want to download our list of supplement manufacturers. (Note: Crème de Mint does not warrant, endorse, or assume liability for any manufacturing company referenced in this blog. Specific MOQs are subject to change. Please confirm details relevant to your product with your specific manufacturer.)

Also check out our podcast where we interview supplement manufacturers and discuss what is important from supplement ingredients to non-compliant labels.

At the same time as looking for a Low MOQ Private Label Supplements Manufacturer you will want to look for an experienced packaging design agency to help you with designing your branding and packaging.

Why Branding Your Low MOQ Private Label Supplements is Important

It might be tempting to create your own label for your supplement and your own website, especially if you are tech savvy, but is it wise? Think about it. What is the point of investing all your time and money into a brand that appeals to no one in particular. Designing it yourself you risk not only wasting your time, but jeopardizing the future of your business. In today’s saturated supplement market, the significance of crafting a brand narrative that deeply connects with customers, addressing their passions or pain points, cannot be overstated.

Professionally branding your supplement product is crucial for several reasons:

Differentiation: The supplement market is highly competitive, with numerous products available for consumers to choose from. Effective branding helps your product stand out from the crowd by communicating its unique selling points, such as ingredients, benefits, or target demographic.

Suppose you’re in a health food store browsing through the supplement section. Among dozens of similar-looking bottles, one stands out with vibrant packaging highlighting its unique blend of rare superfoods and its specific benefits tailored for athletes. This effective branding immediately catches your eye and sets it apart from the others, making you more inclined to consider it over the rest.

Label Compliance: Imagine purchasing a supplement and noticing that the label doesn’t accurately list its ingredients or dosage instructions. Later, you discover that the product caused adverse effects due to undisclosed allergens. This lack of compliance not only jeopardizes consumer safety but also damages the brand’s reputation and may lead to legal consequences for the company.

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is another crucial aspect of branding your supplement product. Regulatory bodies have strict guidelines regarding label design, content, and format. Your product label must accurately reflect the ingredients, dosage, usage instructions, and any required warnings or disclaimers. Non-compliance with labeling regulations can lead to serious consequences, including product recalls, fines, or legal actions. An experienced cpg branding agency will be able to help you create labels that are compliant.

Trust and Credibility: A strong brand builds trust and credibility with consumers. By establishing a recognizable and reputable brand identity, you can reassure customers about the quality and efficacy of your supplement. This is particularly important in an industry where safety and effectiveness are primary concerns for consumers.

Emotional Connection: Effective branding creates an emotional connection with consumers, making them feel more engaged and loyal to your product. By conveying your brand values, mission, and story, you can resonate with your target audience on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty and advocacy.

Picture a supplement brand that shares stories of real customers who have experienced life-changing transformations after using their products. By humanizing their brand and showcasing the impact it has had on people’s lives, they foster an emotional connection with their audience, inspiring loyalty and advocacy.

Perceived Value: Suppose you’re comparing two similar supplements, one from a well-known brand with sleek packaging and a higher price tag, and the other from a lesser-known brand with generic packaging and a lower price. Despite containing similar ingredients, you’re more inclined to trust the higher-priced option due to its perceived value and premium branding.

A well-branded supplement product is often perceived as higher value compared to generic or unbranded alternatives. Branding allows you to position your product as premium or specialized, enabling you to command higher prices and attract customers who are willing to pay for quality.

Recognition and Recall: Think about a supplement brand whose logo and packaging design are so distinctive that you immediately recognize it, whether you see it on a store shelf or online. This consistent branding helps the brand stay top-of-mind for consumers, increasing the likelihood of them choosing it over competitors when making purchasing decisions.

A strong brand identity increases recognition and recall among consumers. Consistent branding across packaging, marketing materials, and online platforms helps consumers easily identify your product and remember it when making purchasing decisions.

Market Positioning: Consider a supplement brand that strategically targets a niche demographic, such as vegan athletes or busy professionals looking for convenient on-the-go options. By tailoring their branding and messaging to resonate with this specific audience, they effectively position themselves as the go-to solution for their unique needs, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Branding allows you to strategically position your supplement product within the market. Whether you’re targeting a specific demographic, addressing a particular health concern, or promoting unique features, branding helps you communicate your product’s positioning effectively to your target audience.

Long-Term Growth: Imagine a supplement brand that invests in building a strong brand identity, expanding its product offerings, and nurturing customer relationships over time. As a result, they not only attract loyal customers but also have the flexibility to adapt to changing market trends and expand into new markets, ensuring sustainable growth and longevity for their business.

Investing in branding can contribute to long-term growth and sustainability for your supplement business. A strong brand serves as a foundation for building customer loyalty, expanding into new markets, and launching additional product lines or variations in the future.

Branding your your low MOQ private label supplements is essential for differentiating it in a competitive market, building trust and credibility with consumers, creating emotional connections, enhancing perceived value, increasing recognition and recall, strategically positioning your product, and driving long-term growth for your business.

If you are looking for help designing your supplement product, our award-winning packaging agency can help your brand stand out!

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Lauren Casgren-Tindall - Principal and Lead Designe

Lauren Casgren-Tindall has been creating powerful, innovative designs over the past 15 years. She launched the company Crème de Mint, a CPG design agency, to specialize in designing food, beauty, and supplement product packaging.