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Coffee and Tea Trends: Grass-Fed Coffee, Probiotics and THC

For most of the world, the day is not complete without coffee or tea. The beverage industry now provides variations of these forenoon and daily delights. Teas and coffees are now readily available in colder options with added health benefits. Cold brews and salted caramel flavors are unique to the drinkable mix. Explore the current trends to make them applicable to your brand.

A box of tea

Tea can be a bit of a chore: boiling the water in a pan or kettle then dunking the tea bag and pouring it into a cup. With aseptic and organic packaging, Tea in a Box is now being offered by Minta Beverages. The unique format of a tea in a box allows for easy storage and use. By fitting onto a refrigerator shelf, the teas are hoping to surpass soda and energy drinks as a healthier, convenient alternative.

A splash of butter

The paleo diet has captivated Americans. With followers eating and drinking only what a caveman had available, the food industry has risen to the challenge of providing new products. One such product is Grass-Fed Coffee. The cold-brewed beverage consists of coffee extract, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter complete with healthy fats. It is so filling that it can count as a morning meal that provides sustained energy for weight loss as well as energy.

Coffee’s colder fire

Iced coffee is gaining popularity, especially with Millennials. Traditionally, cold coffee is hot coffee poured over ice and then served. Cold brewed coffee is an entirely different process. Beans are steeped for 24 hours in a temperature-controlled container. Flavor is drawn out during the steeping process and acidity is reduced by up to 70 percent. JÙS by Julie’s Probiotic Cold Brew Coffee is one such product that offers an infusion of GanedenBC30® vegan probiotics, an option for those seeking improved digestive health and a jolt of energy. A unique Seattle cold brew coffee, Le Herbe, recently sprung up out of the legalized of cannabis. Inspired by Cafe Café Du Monde in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Le Herbe combines certified natural cannabis extracts, chicory and vanilla bean to this cold brew coffee available in those states that have passed cannabis legalization.

Salted caramel is a smash

Once the domain of lauded French chefs, salted caramel has been embraced stateside. It is closing the gap between the perennial flavor champions of chocolate and vanilla. The sweetness of caramel balances the savor of a sprinkle of salt, and many in the beverage industry are taking note. Java Monster has a new line of non-carbonated hybrid coffee + energy beverages with salted caramel, the third most popular flavor in America.


On an increasing crowded retail shelf, brands have to stay on trend and provide options that will appeal to consumers. Minta Beverages’ Tea in a Box allows for a convenient way to enjoy the refreshing sophistication of a chilled brew. Dieters are demanding Paleo friendly options such as Grass-Fed Coffee to fit in with their lifestyles. Iced brews are popular options with Millennials, and JÙS by Julie’s Probiotic Cold Brew is a solid option for connoisseurs. Invest in the future of flavors just as Java Monster has done. Whether it is coffee or tea, explore your on-point drinkable options.