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How To Start a Successful White Label Nootropics Brand

Starting your own line of mood and mind health supplements can be daunting for entrepreneurs. From sourcing ingredients to finding the right manufacturer, it can take a lot of time to get your nootropics formula just right. 

But starting a health supplement line doesn’t have to be a headache. Launching a white label nootropics line can get your brand on the market without the costs that customization adds to a budget – allowing you to build your nootropics brand first and add custom products later.

Manufacturing and Marketing Your White Label Nootropics Brand

White label nootropics are existing, or stock, health supplement formulas that manufacturers produce for different brands. These products can typically be packaged and sold quickly because they are already formulated and on the market. Large-scale producers of high-demand products like coffee excel at using the white label industry to sell to retailers, which then label and market as they wish. Nootropic coffee is now part of that marketing landscape, along with nootropic capsules and powders featuring stock formulas of ginkgo biloba, nootropic mushrooms, and more. 

You will need the right manufacturer to ensure that each batch of your white label nootropics product, although not custom, is high quality. You will also need a skilled marketer to make your brand profitable. 

White Label Manufacturer

Using a white label nootropics manufacturer is, in short, the easiest way to get a quality product to market. Your manufacturer has the formula and all the certifications you need to produce your supplement. They will also handle product labeling – spelling out ingredients in the formula while ensuring that your product makes no unsubstantiated claims. That is important in the health supplements sector where US federal standards limit what you can (and can’t) say about products that haven’t received full federal regulatory approval. 

Finding a white label nootropics manufacturer to get a quality product to market.

White Label Marketing

Because a white label nootropics formula is typically less costly than a custom or even semi-custom formula, you will likely have more money on hand to work with a skilled marketer to help you sell your product. A great marketing campaign will tell the story of your brand in a way that makes customers want to know more about you. After all, you already have a quality product. Now you can use the hard work and expertise behind it to build loyalty for your brand!

So, what is the best way to get started on your marketing journey? We have some ideas. 

Tips for Success of Your White Label Nootropics Brand

With any product, it’s important to know your audience. That can be tricky in the nootropics industry where one type of supplement may appeal to adults of all ages. Using a white label nootropics product will allow you to stick to a formula that works for everyone, as long as you know how to catch everyone’s attention. That starts with defining your audience. Then you can develop your brand to fit each market – while giving customers the packaging design they crave. 

Define Your Target Audience

Some call it a niche, others say demographics. But finding your target audience is really just finding out who is more likely to buy your product. Energy supplements that include caffeine or nootropics for memory with ingredients like Lion’s Mane mushroom or ginkgo biloba are used by adults of all ages. Narrowing your focus to a niche market – such as young adults in their 30s or adults age 50 and older – will help you to research which nootropics sell best among those specific age groups. 

You might even decide to cross-market a white label nootropics product to save time – and even money. That starts with the strength of your brand. 

White label nootropics brand building a target audience.

Develop a Strong Brand

Are you a good storyteller? It’s okay if your skills are a little rusty, or even if you don’t know where to start. We think the best place to start is with yourself, because your story is also the story of your brand. It’s your unique selling point. To make your point, you will want to focus on why you (and your brand) are different. Maybe you have personally experienced the benefit of nootropics, or are close to someone who has. Even limiting your packaging to compostable materials is a story worth telling as more and more brands focus on sustainability. 

Statistics show that a well-told story makes people 55% more likely to buy your product. So it pays to tell your story well. 

Design Packaging that Speaks to Your Audience

Your brand story tells your audience who you are. But you don’t have to use the same words, colors, shapes, or packaging materials each time your story is told. That’s especially good advice for marketing white label nootropics. The product will be the same no matter who uses it. It’s your job – and your design firm’s job – to make the customer feel like your story is their story. That’s where packaging design comes in. 

Today 67% of consumers say packaging influences their buying decisions. Consumers who are focused on sustainability, for example, will want to know if you use 100% compostable materials in your packaging design. Or perhaps you are marketing to a demographic looking for a visual spark that can be conjured up with bright colors and a chunky logo. Just about everyone can get what they want with a white label nootropic product as long as you are able to package (or repackage) what’s inside to fit your market. 

Our Take

White label nootropics brand such as Motion supplements brand.

Getting your white label nootropics brand on the market is an adventure. Like any great adventure, where you go is up to you. What type of supplement you sell, who you choose to manufacture and market your product, how you brand your product, and how you design the packaging depends on your unique story and where you want your product to go. Because you aren’t customizing a formula, you have more time – and money – to put into building your brand and the audience you want to attract. We can help. 

Are you interested in building a white label nootropics brand with packaging design that resonates with your customers? Let’s talk!