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42 Dubonnet Makeup Wins an International Package Design Award

We are thrilled and honored to win a 2019 HOW International Design Award! Our second award for this eye-catching packaging. Last year, 42 Dubonnet was a GD USA 2018 package design winner.

As a 2019 HOW award-winner, 42 Dubonnet package design will be featured in The Best of Design (formerly 365 Days of Design Inspiration), a hardcover book from HOW showcasing the best from today’s leading art directors, studios and creative professionals.

Who is 42 Dubonnet?

42 Dubonnet is a vintage-inspired makeup line created by the mother-daughter makeup duo. The makeup line is inspired by the Speakeasies of the 1920s. At Crème de Mint design, we created the story, the naming, the packaging and the concept around 42 Dubonnet. The packaging is created to have layers with secrets and mystery.

What makes this packaging winning package design?

This brand is very close to our hearts. With 42 Dubonnet, we want to bring the allure and the mystery into everyone’s lives. In the packaging we wanted to bring the speakeasy theme, through secrets. There are 3 secrets.

Secret #1

42 Dubonnet is the address of the imaginary speakeasy. The Art Deco packaging reflects the Prohibition era secrecy of the address. Dubonnet and all of the lipsticks and lip glosses are named after drinks that were popular during Prohibition. Dubonnet is a wine aperitif, that was popular in the 1920s. We wanted an alluring name and everyone loved the way 42 Dubonnet sounds. Like a hidden gem.

42 Dubonnet was created to bring the allure, mystery and electricity of 1920s Art Deco Miami Beach to you, wherever you are. The packaging is petite and tucks away discretely inside her purse at all times. So that anywhere she goes—she can open the door to her own, personal speakeasy!

Secret #2

The second secret is about the packaging centering around the cruelty-free and giving back that is part of the fabric of the company. Inside the packaging there is a pattern showing a scene of wildlife in the Everglades. That scene is the background on the front of the packaging, but you’ll only notice it if you look very close. It is hidden by the Art Deco pattern. Each product category has a different animal. The lipstick has a gecko.

You’ll also notice the lipstick packaging from the top is the shape of lips and the mascara packaging is the shape of an eye. Even the mascara art deco pattern reflects the eyelashes. There also is a inspiring beauty phrase hidden inside each package.

Secret #3

Our third secret comes from the women of the 1920s themselves. Women in the 20s liked to kept their beauty rituals from men to create mystery. That is why at 42 Dubonnet we “keep your beauty secrets, secret”.