Your VIP Brand Sprint: BrandThrive Pricing

Your brand deserves to flourish. With BrandThrive, you get an all-inclusive VIP brand sprint. Our creative team will create everything you need—including brand identity, logo and packaging design, messaging, copywriting, web design, and more, personalized to highlight what makes your brand craveworthy. 

BrandThrive includes 1-5 day intensives with our creative team. We’ll brainstorm our ideas in advance and bring the best to the table, so we can work together to cook up every element of your branding. 

This eliminates:

Just efficient creation, real-time edits, and cooperative collaboration. You’ll walk away with your branding finished, polished, and ready to launch immediately.

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*Cost of BrandSpring applies to all packages

Grow Brand Sprint

1 day of your time
10am-12pm EST & 2pm-5pm EST

For small businesses and startups who want to attract more customers and need a powerful brand launch. 

We’ll take the ingredients we gathered in BrandSpring and whip them into an entrée of full-fledged branding elements.

This typically includes a brand identity, packaging design, and packaging copywriting to create a brand experience that attracts customers and keeps them coming back for more.


*Previous payment from the BrandSpring is applied to the cost

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Bloom Brand Sprint

*Our most popular package*

2 days of your time
10am-2pm EST & 12pm-4pm EST

For businesses ready to level up fast, established small businesses who need a cohesive brand image, or medium-sized businesses ready to revamp their branding. This is for those who are looking to flourish through more exposure and more revenue sources.

It’s our most popular package for a reason! This next-level branding intensive typically includes brand identity, packaging design, website design, and copywriting. Additional marketing materials or line extensions may also be included. You will walk away with a brand that delights customers and retailers, leading them to repurchasing and retention.


*Previous payment from the BrandSpring is applied to the cost

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Thrive Brand Sprint

3-4 days of your time, over the course of a week

For businesses ready for a full branding overhaul. This is for those looking to thrive and grow a brand legacy.

This package has it all—a complete rebrand that includes strategy and execution with bells and lots of whistles. Services typically involve a brand identity and packaging design, art direction, photography, high-level strategy needs, full-scale website design, copywriting, and creation, digital marketing campaign strategy and creation, and social media aesthetic styling. 

Your brand will be ready to thrive with broader recognition that promotes growth and customer loyalty.


*Previous payment from the BrandSpring is applied to the cost

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