Crème de Mint is a small, but powerful design firm. We are capable of much of what we do through our partnerships and networks. We are part of a new business model that grows and expands based on the project. This allows us bring in experts in their fields, adding the extra advantage of keeping ahead of the trends and the ever-changing business climate.

Lauren Casgren-Tindall
Principal & Creative Director

Lauren Casgren-Tindall, Principal & Designer, has been creating powerful, innovative designs over the past 12 years for companies such as Avon, Victoria’s Secret, Bliss and Benihana. In addition, she has worked as an international design consultant for clients in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands. She launched the company Crème de Mint design agency, to specialize in her passion of designing logos and product packaging for new and existing businesses.



Crème de Mint has a network of creative professionals who join as independent consultants on a per-project basis.


Mauricia Ragland
Web Developer

Zend Certified PHP Developer. CAU Alumna. Comp Sci Major, Business Minor.
Little Sister to one, daughter to two, niece to many, cousin to even more.
Love to laugh, help where I can, and experience new things.


Irene de Vette

Irene De Vette is a Dutch writer. She has worked as a copywriter for the UN both in Rome and New York. She has also published several articles and books. Her most recent is book called “Belgian Fries”. Irene’s multi-language creative copywriting capability, along with her innate ability to understand the differences and specifics of many cultures, makes her an asset to Crème de Mint design agency.

Renate de Klein
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

After graduating from The Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, Renate de Klein started her graphic design studio. As a full-service graphic design studio, Renate manages projects from start to finish for her growing number of clients. She possesses strong creative concept development skills, which have enabled her to develop refreshing, innovative solutions for corporate identities. She is also savvy with web design, flash animations, photography and illustrations. Her clients include Eneco, Jcdecaux, All Green Vehicles, Technical University Delft, Sanoma, Studio Mango & Besselink Licht.

Hanna Urbanusson
Campaign Manager/Copywriter

Hanna has a strong background as a marketer, earning university degrees in both marketing and copywriting. She started freelancing as a copywriter/campaign manager in 2009. She began writing text for all types of media, and creating inspiring campaigns for clients in both Sweden and the Netherlands. After gaining momentum and acquiring strength in the market, she started her own advertising agency. Assisted by a reliable and talented team of graphic design partners and technical consultants, she now offers full service to clients that need any type of advertising, ranging from small Facebook campaigns to campaigns that create full brand awareness in all types of media. She has worked with international companies such as Scandinavia’s largest bus builder, Backarydsgruppen; Benelux’s best known provider of green transport, All Green Vehicles; and one of Europe’s fastest growing online pharmacies.

If you are interested in a creative partnership with us and think your company would complement ours, please email the Principal at


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