Inspiration from Bolivia

Colorful Cholita in La Pa

As a graphic designer, I am always seeking new things to inspire my work. For me I get that most often from new experiences like traveling to different countries. This last trip was to Bolivia. Bolivia was filled with rich history that comes from its 36 different indigenous ethnicities. With my background both in graphic […]

A Taste of Cuba

Last month, I took my first trip to Cuba. As a package designer, I am always fascinated what grocery stores and shops look like in other countries. Like my trips to Sweden or Turkey, but Cuba was different. A short trip…less than an hour flight and only 90 miles from the tip of the Florida […]

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice – Istanbul

A Bazaar Experience: I am finally getting my posts up from my trip from Istanbul. Looking at the photos, I feel the energy and vibrancy of the market. The Grand Bazaar was one of the places I had been looking forward to since my arrival in Istanbul. I was told its was there that I […]

Istanbul’s Booming Voices & Vibrant Ramadan Festival

Dreaming of Istanbul: This summer was the first time I had been to Istanbul. For years I had been dreaming of this moment.The beautiful designs of the mosques, the rich history and the amazing spice markets. Now I was here with one of my best friends and ready to see and experience it all. Our […]

Parlins Konfektyr: Deliciously Swedish Candy Shop

When I was visiting Stockholm this summer, I wondered into a delightful little candy shop called Parlins Konfektyr. From the moment I walked in I felt I was taken back in time to a little shop like the grocery store my grandfather had when I was growing up. The design of Parlins Konfektyr is impeccable–sophisticated, […]

Why Swedes design licorice to look like a cough drop

One thing I noticed that is well-loved in Scandinavia and Northern Europe is licorice. In Sweden, bright-colored licorice vendors can be found on every other street corner. One variety especially loved is black licorice. Anywhere you see sweets you will find different forms of black licorice. The most unique kind is salty licorice. This salty […]

Matapoteket: Swedish Raw Food & Interior Vertical Gardens

Today I visited Matapoteket, my first visit to a raw food, gluten-free, vegan restaurant in Stockholm. Matapoteket in English means food pharmacy/apothecary. Painted on the front counter where you order your food is “Mat Som Medicin” meaning “Food as Medicine”. How it looked Clean Scandinavian Design Matapoteket’s interior is characteristic of Scandinavian design with it’s […]

Why working in Holland as a designer was a wonderful disaster

It’s not the reason you think… For many designers, directors and many others in all fields of work, living and working overseas is a dream. Something to dream about. Something that if you ever had, you would jump at the opportunity and maybe never come back. For many freelance creatives, this reality is a little […]