Parlins Konfektyr: Deliciously Swedish Candy Shop

When I was visiting Stockholm this summer, I wondered into a delightful little candy shop called Parlins Konfektyr. From the moment I walked in I felt I was taken back in time to a little shop like the grocery store my grandfather had when I was growing up. The design of Parlins Konfektyr is impeccable–sophisticated, […]

Why Swedes design licorice to look like a cough drop

One thing I noticed that is well-loved in Scandinavia and Northern Europe is licorice. In Sweden, bright-colored licorice vendors can be found on every other street corner. One variety especially loved is black licorice. Anywhere you see sweets you will find different forms of black licorice. The most unique kind is salty licorice. This salty […]

Why is Swedish bread designed with a hole in the center?

Sweden is known for IKEA, ABBA, and their meatballs, but have you tried their bread? When I think of bread in Europe, I often think of the fresh bakeries of France or Germany filled daily with hot fresh breads, tasty croissants or fluffy sourdough. In Sweden, the tradition is different. Although there are plenty of […]

Matapoteket: Swedish Raw Food & Interior Vertical Gardens

Today I visited Matapoteket, my first visit to a raw food, gluten-free, vegan restaurant in Stockholm. Matapoteket in English means food pharmacy/apothecary. Painted on the front counter where you order your food is “Mat Som Medicin” meaning “Food as Medicine”. How it looked Clean Scandinavian Design Matapoteket’s interior is characteristic of Scandinavian design with it’s […]