How is a logo different from a brand?

  If you’re wondering how a logo is different from a brand, you’re not alone. Many business owners and even designers get the two confused. But it’s essential to understand the difference if you want to create a brand and a logo that stands out and attracts customers to your business.   What is a […]

How to Make a Truly Iconic Packaging Design

iconic brands tell stories

Every food and beauty company dreams of having an iconic brand, a brand that anyone can identify at a glance. Like those Starbucks cups that you can instantly recognize when you see people with them hurrying to work. Or the Coca Cola cans and bottles that make you suddenly feel the need for some sweet […]

Do you know the 5 Steps to Branding Your Business?

Branding can be a scary word in the business world. For the uninitiated, a brand can be perceived as how a company looks visually in such aspects as website design and logo. Those are great places to start branding, but they are not the full picture. Branding, in essence, is whittling down your business to […]