The Worst Rebrand in History: How to Avoid Tropicana’s Famous Failure


Rebranding can be a strong marketing tool. It gives brands a chance to reinvent themselves, pivot to a new direction, and find new ways to stand out from the crowd. But not all rebrands are successful. History has seen many major companies attempt major rebrands only to fail. Possibly the worst of these was the […]

How do you know when it is time to redesign your packaging?


We can all think of brands whose logo or packaging evoke in us childhood nostalgia, or fond memories. That instant recognition and emotional connection is what companies rely on to keep customers loyal and engaged. At times, however, a company’s public image needs a revamp, and the question is often when? When is it time […]

3 Logo Redesigns You Can Learn From


  Do you feel like your logo could use a redesign? If you do, it’s helpful to understand why you want to redesign your logo. Is it because your current logo was designed ten years ago and looks like it? Maybe your business has evolved and you want your new logo to reflect the changes. […]