Everything You Need to know about the FDA rules for Dietary Supplement Labels


  For dietary supplement manufacturers and suppliers navigating the rules and regulations of the industry can feel overwhelming. Here is (we hope!) a helpful guide to the basics on: • What are supplements• How are they regulated• What are your responsibilities• How do you ensure compliance with U.S. law   What is a dietary supplement? […]

Product Claims: Everything You Need to Know


If you have a really great food or beverage product, you may be tempted to shout it from the rooftops. Or at least display its greatness on the front of the packaging. And while package claims can be helpful for both companies and consumers, they must be done right. If you want to market your […]

The Importance of Packaging Claims

Truth about Claims

If you ever want to hide the truth, announce to the world what you want them to believe. Certain brands think that by making claims about their products, they can will their declarations into validity. Gone are the days of blindly accepting claims and considering associations as good as true. Coke may not be the […]

Beauty Vitamins Reverse Your Grey Hair

I discovered this interesting new beauty brand, called Get Away Grey, that will reverse your gray hair. Grey hair is part of the aging process, scientists have found the a buildup of hydrogen peroxide is the main cause. This new beauty product contains a catalase enzyme that breaks down the gray hear and reverses your grey […]