What is Required on Your Food, Beverage or Supplement Label?


Do you have a new food, beverage, or dietary supplement product? Do you know exactly what needs to be your label? Putting all necessary information on your product labels is important for two main reasons: Potential customers want to know more about your products and their ingredients, effects, etc. The government requires certain information to […]

The Keto Craze


  The Rise of Keto Have you heard of these popular diets – Paleo, Raw Food, Whole 30, Vegan, Gluten-Free? If you are food entrepreneur or creative in the food space, you have likely heard of most of them. As business owners and creatives, we need to keep up with the diet trends to evolve […]

Ins and Outs of the New GMO (BE) Labeling

New GMO Regulations

GMOs is a hot topic. And if you own a food product or beverage, you’ll want to pay attention to these new proposals, because they could effect you and your product business. In recent years, savvy health-conscious consumers have been asking what is in their food and putting pressure on the government to take action […]

Stripping Down Your Packaging

Stripped Down Packaging

The saying “a little goes a long way” is true for many things, and believe it or not, its also true when it comes to product packaging. And while the minimalism packaging trend is all the rage right now, stripping down your packaging is not necessarily the same thing.   Minimalism vs. Essentialism In product […]

Is Your Packaging Intelligent Enough for Consumers?

What does it mean to have intelligent packaging? Beyond the basic function of containing an item and telling what it is, brands are beginning to make packaging that’s able to communicate new in-depth information to the consumer. Sensing, recording, and detection devices that monitor changes in the product or the environment are being added to […]

The Importance of Packaging Claims

Truth about Claims

If you ever want to hide the truth, announce to the world what you want them to believe. Certain brands think that by making claims about their products, they can will their declarations into validity. Gone are the days of blindly accepting claims and considering associations as good as true. Coke may not be the […]

A Feast for the Eyes: The psychology of color and food choices


Humans have been manipulating food colors since 400 BC. That’s why supermarket apples are waxed, dyed, and sold under flattering lights – the redder the apple, the sweeter and fresher we perceive them. Certain colors are associated with a flavor, which is hardwired from our primitive years when our brains relied primarily on our eyes […]

FDA’s New Proposed Nutrition Facts Label

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The FDA has been part of the movement to proper nutritional knowledge through labeling since the 1990s, including an evolution toward trans fat awareness since its 2006 ruling requiring disclosure of trans fat content. Food labels are being revamped and science is leading the way […]

Does your product need a nutrition label?

When you are walking down the supermarkets aisles, you can count on people blocking traffic as they engross themselves in food labels. Everyone from nutritionists to grandmothers worry about what is in our food. The knowledge is right there on the product if we are just willing to look. What is a food label?   […]