Sobriety and Sober Curiosity: Why Beverage Brands Need to Embrace the Trend of Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Alcohol, step aside—there’s a new trend in town: mocktails and non-alcoholic adult drinks.  After the pandemic started, alcohol sales skyrocketed. Sales of alcohol outside of restaurants and bars rose by 24%. That wasn’t necessarily surprising—people were staying at home more, avoiding bars, and increasing their grocery budgets in general. Combined with an increase in struggles […]

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrace

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrace

Packaging is an important element for any product business. It’s the first thing many customers will see, it establishes the kind of company you want to be, and it’s an effective way to market your product. But as society changes, so do consumer expectations, and packaging has to adapt to meet their desires.  Over time, […]

For Perfect Packaging, Dodge These Top 7 Mistakes

To create great packaging it helps to know what you want to avoid as well as what you want to include. Here are seven common packaging mistakes and how you can avoid them. Trendy instead of Trend Setting It’s tempting to go with the latest and greatest in package design but brands need think long-term. […]

How to find the right packaging for your beauty product


Your packaging is one of the key things that sets you apart from other beauty brands. Hiring a package designer is one of the best investments you can make from your beauty business because they take your vision for your packaging and bring it to life.    Types of packaging The first type is the […]