Partner Up with a Complementary Brand to Increase Sales


Businesses rely on people in all capacities, whether they are customers or staff. It is no surprise, therefore, that a strategy involving the human element would be successful. A partnership could bring your brand increased exposure and benefit both businesses, as long as they are complementary, not competitive. Complement an established brand There is a […]

Attracting Your Ideal Customer

  Understanding your customers and their pain points is the first step in being a successful business. While they may share similar struggles, every customer is singular. It is crucial to understand how each differs and how to address unique concerns without trying to please everyone thus, risking the dilution of your product. Several steps […]

#1 Best Way to Market a New Business

  No man is an island; neither, apparently, is a business. Entrepreneurs may not need staff, but they do need customers. When going into business, you were most likely told to network as if it were a part-time job. In many ways, it is not as much about getting your name out there to everyone […]