Product Claims: Everything You Need to Know


If you have a really great food or beverage product, you may be tempted to shout it from the rooftops. Or at least display its greatness on the front of the packaging. And while package claims can be helpful for both companies and consumers, they must be done right. If you want to market your […]

What is Required on Your Food, Beverage or Supplement Label?


Do you have a new food, beverage, or dietary supplement product? Do you know exactly what needs to be your label? Putting all necessary information on your product labels is important for two main reasons: Potential customers want to know more about your products and their ingredients, effects, etc. The government requires certain information to […]

How the FDA is Changing Nutrition Labeling and Why it Matters

Nutritional labels are changing

Did you know that the nutrition labels in the U.S. haven’t changed for 20 years? In the past 2 decades, scientists and researchers have made a lot of discoveries about how different ingredients affect our health, and the FDA is finally requiring package labels to reflect that research.   Nutrition label changes What’s staying the […]

Does your product need a nutrition label?

When you are walking down the supermarkets aisles, you can count on people blocking traffic as they engross themselves in food labels. Everyone from nutritionists to grandmothers worry about what is in our food. The knowledge is right there on the product if we are just willing to look. What is a food label?   […]

Beauty Vitamins Reverse Your Grey Hair

I discovered this interesting new beauty brand, called Get Away Grey, that will reverse your gray hair. Grey hair is part of the aging process, scientists have found the a buildup of hydrogen peroxide is the main cause. This new beauty product contains a catalase enzyme that breaks down the gray hear and reverses your grey […]