The Truth About Color and Language: How Our Words Shape the Way We See


If you ever joined in the great internet debate of the white/gold vs black/blue dress, you might have found yourself in disbelief that anybody could see the picture differently than you. After all, seeing is believing. If we can’t trust our own eyes, what can we trust?  But it turns out that the way we […]

An Appetite for Color


  Color is emotional. It evokes certain feelings in everyone whether they realize it or not. And while those feelings will differ person to person, they can’t be avoided.   Seeing is Believing Because color is tied so closely to emotion, it affects everything, especially everyday decision making. And when it comes to purchase decisions, […]

7 steps to choosing a color palette for your brand

Slices of different types of vegetables and some fruits all ranging in colors of green.

One of the most important parts of your brand identity is your brand colors. In fact, research has shown that up to 84.7 percent of customers cite color as the primary reason they make buying decisions. Your brand colors affect how your customers perceive your brand, and they create a cohesive look between all of […]

How color affects how your customers feel?

Sliced passion fruit bundle laying on a light pink backdrop.

Colors are very important when it comes to branding and design. In fact, almost 90% of consumers cite color as a primary factor in their buying decisions. In order to make a thoughtful decision when choosing which colors to use in your design and packaging, it’s helpful to understand color psychology.  The components of […]

A Feast for the Eyes: The psychology of color and food choices


Humans have been manipulating food colors since 400 BC. That’s why supermarket apples are waxed, dyed, and sold under flattering lights – the redder the apple, the sweeter and fresher we perceive them. Certain colors are associated with a flavor, which is hardwired from our primitive years when our brains relied primarily on our eyes […]