How to think like a designer and gather inspiration for your logo?

how to think like a designer

  Because the best logos are simple, you may think that it should be easy to make a logo for your business. But in reality, the process of logo design requires you to make lots of creative connections, and that’s not always a straightforward process. Whenever I start the logo design process, I begin by […]

What is your brand’s “Brand Intimacy”?


Emotions Matter Around 90% of all purchasing decisions are made based on emotion. That means that how consumers feel in the moment can dictate whether or not a brand succeeds or fails. So, in order to even be remotely successful in today’s market, brands have to connect with people on a deeper level by appealing […]

Do you understand your customer?

You have a product or service, but now what? All to often we think that the happy ever after just unfolds without any work on our end. In business, this could not be further from the truth. A potential customer must first be aware that your products exist. In the digital age of social media, […]