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How do you know when it is time to redesign your packaging?

How do you know when it is time to redesign your packaging?

We can all think of brands whose logo or packaging evoke in us childhood nostalgia, or fond memories. That instant recognition and emotional connection is what companies rely on to keep customers loyal and engaged. At times, however, a company’s public image needs a revamp, and the question is often when? When is it time… Continue Reading

Forbes article “Everything You Know About Branding Is Wrong”

Design matters and it’s not necessarily in a way that you think. The truth is that a brand is about a gut feeling we have about a company. “This happens when everything connects through design—from virtual environments like websites to built environments like office spaces—and it all starts with an understanding of why a company… Continue Reading

How to brand yourself as an expert using video?

Video best way to brand yourself as an expert. Reporters & Producers are busy and will use your videos. Tell the story of what your company is doing. Personalizing it. New broadcasters will take questions from their youtube videos. Most viewed videos are taking with phones. People are used to seeing short clips. Brand yourself… Continue Reading