One difficult part of starting your own business is to avoid burnout. It’s easy to get discouraged, especially in this economy where it is even more challenging to find your niche. I would like to share an article, I recently read in Forbes that helps me to remind myself that patience and routine vacations are keys points to keep your focus on the right priorities of your developing business. Here is an abbreviated version of the key summary points.  See original article

1. Get in the Right Mindset
: Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint.

Pick three dates over the next month that you want to be at 100%. In order to make that a reality, adjust your schedule leading up to those days so that you will be fresh, focused, and prepared.

Establish Fair Expectations: There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Pick one goal that you are working towards. Set yourself up for success by vetting its feasibility with the other ambitions on your plate, and adjust your timeline accordingly.

3. Make Progress with Small Steps
: The big picture can be overwhelming, especially when the path from here to there is unclear.

Pick one current project that you feel stuck on. Break down your tasks into smaller chunks to make them even more actionable. For bonus points, put each smaller task on the calendar to ensure you give yourself enough time to get them done.


4. Keep Your Goals in Mind: It’s easy to get side-tracked and to take your business in a direction that doesn’t work for you.

Compare each of your current goals against your motivations for being an entrepreneur. Are there goals that aren’t aligned with the rewards you want? If so—scrap them.

5. Prioritize What You Do Best
: In order to end up with a job you love, you need to focus on your talents from the get-go.

Look at your to-do list for the  week and identify your least favorite task. Figure out how to outsource, streamline, or otherwise minimize it. Use the time saved to do your favorite task instead.

6. Create a Support Team
: The people in your network are one of your greatest assets.

Select your most pressing business question. Think about who in your network might have valuable insight on this challenge. Ask him or her for a meeting or phone call.


7. Set Strong Boundaries: A biggest complaint of entrepreneurs is that they are “always working.” Off means off. On means on.

Pick a firm closing time for work today. Honor it by not checking email or work-related social media accounts after that time.

8. Shake Up Your Routine
: If your work looks the same each day, you’re sure to tire quickly.

Give yourself 60 minutes to do something rejuvenating during work hours this week. Pick an activity that you’re excited about, and schedule it on your calendar.

9. Indulge Guilty Pleasures—Daily
: Create a sustainable routine by integrating small mental or physical breaks into your daily grind.

Watch something funny as a brain break between tasks. If you don’t have a go-to site—find one!

10. Take Time Off
: Aside from regular daily breaks, plan to take some legitimate time off, too.

Think about three things you can do before your next day off to make that day more relaxing and stress-free. Schedule them.