Novak's gluten free successI was on the edge of my seat following my favorite tennis player Djokovic battle his last match of Wimbledon against world champion Nadal, when the radio commentator said that Djokovic contributed his recent successes to being diagnosed with a gluten allergy. As soon as I heard this something awoke in me. How had I not heard about this about my favorite player? A gluten-free diet making him number 1? Is it possible diet could effect someone so much? Immediately, I started googling. Djokovic had always been not quite good enough and not quite consistent enough. He had the passion, the experience and showed glimpses of a champion, but something was missing. But as I searched I found out that his recent diet change was making all the difference to his asthma and his health. He went on that day to win Wimbledon and become number 1 tennis player in the world.

Curious about this, I started reading more about gluten free diets and allergies, the more I read the more it seemed to pertain to me. So out of curiosity, I decided to see if gluten-free (and dairy-free) might change my bad asthma condition and various other ailments that gluten allergies pointed towards. To my pleasant surprise, things did change. After a week, I was no longer wheezing every morning. After 3 weeks, I have found myself able to exercise more and more often without my inhaler. I found my new diet to be a healthy mixture of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, plus some fish and meat. I found myself back to the basics. Back to the meals of my parents and grandparents ate as farmers. As I began to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes, I found that the new limited number of ingredients has made food more like a design project. With limits, but within the limits, the variations are exciting and new.

As a designer, creator, I am always playing with the basic ingredients to make something new and fresh and interesting. For weeks or months, you might find yourself struggling to figure out just the right combination of elements that will make the next campaign or design successful. Sometimes you can try very hard to be successful and one little tip may change everything. Sometimes, it as small as following your favorite tennis player on the radio and finding yourself back to the basics.