Video best way to brand yourself as an expert. Reporters & Producers are busy and will use your videos.

Tell the story of what your company is doing. Personalizing it.

New broadcasters will take questions from their youtube videos.
Most viewed videos are taking with phones. People are used to seeing short clips.

Brand yourself as the Expert
1) Create a book
2) Create a video. Make a Youtube videos.
3) Create a point of view

More content = more eyeballs. Creating brand recognition.

Surveyed new rooms are asking us to create the content. Their resources are stretched, whether created on iphone. Then get into the hands of producers.


How to create video content?

Who doing Vine well? (early 20s, late teens, plants idea in their head, creates a brand association)

1) Vine: Lowes: How to home improvement videos in 6 seconds? #LowesFixinSix

2) Instagram Video

3) Skype interviews: w/ Mommy bloggers interview

4) Snapchat (teens, but will move from that in the future)

5) Make Youtube videos