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Wara Quinoa Logo

Wara Quinoa


Wara Quinoa is a dessert company selling gluten-free cookies and muffins made from quinoa. Wara means star. Inspired by the Coat of arms of Bolivia, this logo encompasses various Bolivian elements that are key to the brand story. Royal Quinoa is a trademarked name that refers exclusively to quinoa grown around the Salar de Uyuni (the world’s largest salt flat) on the high plains of southern Bolivia. Indigenous Andean began to cultivate quinoa 4,000 years ago. They use nature’s way of putting forth good things, bringing only llama dung, fortitude and faith to the process. Today the quinoa farmers of the Salar follow traditions that are 100 percent organic, absolutely sustainable, culturally unique and increasingly menaced by global commodification and genetic manipulation. We wanted to bring this authenticity to the Wara Quinoa brand story and logo design.

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