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Victoria’s Secret Summer Promo: Designs to Create Vacation Vibes

Victoria's Secret Summer Promo packaging design for Grapefruit Kiss line in pink and red color palette and grapefruit slice.
Project Info
Brand: Summer Promotional
Client: Victoria’s Secret
Industry: Beauty & Cosmetics
Designed by: Lauren Casgren-Tindall and Victoria’s Secret design team
Location: New York City, New York
Expertise Provided
Package Design
Creative Deliverables
Package Design

The Challenge: Summer Fragrance Package Design

Victoria’s Secret released a summer promo with three limited edition fragrances—Grapefruit Kiss, Coconut Temptation, and Pomegranate Pleasure. They brought to mind summer nights full of romance, fun, parties, and refreshing, mouth-watering fruit juices. I managed the package design for the summer fragrance project.

Each fragrance was inspired by delectable summer fruits. Grapefruit Kiss was an aromatic citrus scent, flirty and tantalizing. Coconut Temptation was a sweet, tropical fragrance that conjured images of beach getaways. Pomegranate Pleasure was fresh, tart, and captivating. We wanted the line to feel connected while also reflecting the distinct personality of each of the three scents.

The Project

We designed the line to evoke the energy, vibrancy, and electricity of a summer vacation. The bright colors of the labels popped and caught the eye. A clean, white, minimalistic typography left the focus on the floral imagery, which is used in each to tie the line together, but positioned differently to highlight separate parts of the plant. 

Package Design: Grapefruit Kiss

Victoria's Secret Summer Promo packaging design for Grapefruit Kiss line in pink and red color palette and grapefruit slice.

For Grapefruit Kiss, the juicy pink and deep red captured the feminine fun of a hot summer night. In particular, the heart-shaped leaf pattern represents nature and romance. 

Package Design: Coconut Temptation

Victoria's Secret Summer Promo packaging design for Coconut Temptation line with blues and greens with coconut slice.

Coconut Temptation’s ocean blue and vivid green inspire fruity flirtation while tying into the tropical scent. The nature patterns are reminiscent of island exploration and botanical beauty. 

Package Design: Pomegranate Pleasure

Victoria's Secret Summer Promo packaging design for Pomegranate Pleasure line with pink color palette and pomegranate slice.

Pomegranate Pleasure combines zesty orange with metallic magenta, thus invoking warmth and summer sizzle. Also, the bloom brings a Hawaiian-inspired feel, a shout-out to leis, luaus, and tropical fun. 

The Results

The designs tied the scents together cohesively while providing an individual story for each one. They laid the ground for a successful limited edition summer run.