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Tally Butter Package Design


Tally Butter is a garlic better inspired by the client’s Italian Grandmother, Tally. As part of the vision of this product, we wanted to capture the feeling of nostalgia.

Why capture nostalgia?

Nostalgia reminds the consumer of a simpler time. Many consumers buy a product because it feels familiar to them. Retro designs send signals of trustworthiness. They give the impression that your product has stood the test of time, even if it’s new. This is the feeling we wanted to create for Tally Butter.

Keeping it simple

Tally Butter sends a message of simplicity. In the design, we used classic patterns, fonts, as well as retro color palettes and layouts. We kept the design clean and minimal while incorporating vintage elements. This balance of incorporating both simplicity and a personal, homemade quality connects the consumer to a feeling of nostalgia and human connection.