Swatt Exchange purple and white business cards arranged in diagonal rows to show front and back.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Swatt Exchange
Industry: Business & Retail
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Print Design
Digital Marketing
Creative Deliverables
Logo design
Brand presentation
Social media design
Website design
Business card design
Pitch deck design
Chart styling design
Print artwork mechanicals

The Challenge: Creating a Logo Design for a Finance Company

SWATT Exchange, a seed-funded blockchain-based exchange for institutional investors, needed a logo design for their finance company.

The exchange was founded by Marshall Swatt, co-founder of Coinsetter and part of the team that developed Citigroup’s FOREX trading platform (two other successful crypto and digital currency exchanges). It was founded to fill a gap in the cryptocurrency industry by providing a path into the digital currency world specifically designed for large institutions.  

SWATT Exchange wanted a logo and marketing materials that created a cohesive brand image, established them as a reliable industry authority, and resonated with their professional clientele.

The Project 

Brand Identity, App Icon Design, and Logo

We wanted the designs to evoke success and reliability. Most of the competitors in the industry used a blue color palette to represent trust. We wanted to highlight prosperity and stand out from the rest of the crowd. We selected a purple color palette to evoke wealth and success with accents of blue, symbolizing trustworthiness, dependability, and loyalty.

Swatt Exchange finane logo design in purple and white with visual elements inspired by market exchange maps.

We created a clean but memorable logo. We emphasized the “W” and the “A,” adding an intriguing visual inspired by exchange market maps, symbolizing growth and profitability.

For the typography of “SWATT,” we modified a strong sans serif with a professional feel. The secondary typography of “exchange” is Acumin Pro Condensed Light Italic, a sleek sans serif that balances the boldness. 

Swatt Exchange app icon with finance logo design in purple and white lines rendered like market exchange maps.

For the app icon, we pulled the market map symbol of the “W” and the “A” in the logo, reinforcing the idea of prosperity from the logo. The white lines pop against the purple background, creating a memorable brand image.

The Website Design

Swatt Exchange website design in vivid purple with white lettering and blue angle elements.

The website design is eye-catching and polished, creating an atmosphere of status and credibility. The patterned imagery has a premium feel, resonating with institutional clients. The urban city images project growth and hustle.

The Business Card Design

Swatt Exchange business cards with finance logo design arranged in stacks to show front and back.

For the business cards, we wanted to draw the eye of professional clientele and provide a clear understanding of the exchange. A simple tagline, “a crypto-asset exchange for institutional investors” reveals the purpose and what sets the business apart. The white lettering on the purple background stands out. The off-centered top of the icon creates a parallel image with the “A” in the logo. The card design is stylish but purposeful.

Social Media Branding

SWATT Exchange Facebook page with finance logo design and the brand's social media avatar and banner.

We adapted the logo for the social media avatars so that they would fit clearly in the spaces for profile pictures. We also created a banner with an urban overlook of buildings and cities, a callback to the hustle and forward-thinking nature of the company.

SWATT Exchange social media banner with an urban overlook of buildings and cities in hues of purple.

The Branding Presentation

We designed a branding presentation to reveal the logo, color stories, typography, app icon choices, business card designs, and social media branding. This presentation allowed the founder to see the way the elements would come together to establish the brand image and to envision future possibilities for the brand.

Additional Marketing Materials

We also designed a branded pitch deck for the exchange to use with potential investors, along with a branded chart to map the growth of the currencies. These elements strengthened the professional feel of the brand, created a unified brand image, and contributed to the brand’s credibility.

Swatt Exchange brand chart featuring a map the growth of the currencies.

The Results

Our designs set the stage for SWATT Exchange to join the growing and thriving world of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and exchanges. The web elements and logo design for the finance company created a cohesive brand image and positioned the brand as a credible authority and resonated with institutional investors.