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Q3 Robotics: Energetic Designs for a Cutting-Edge Inventory Technology

website design q3 robotic
Project Info
Brand/Client: Quartile 3 Robotics
Industry: Business & Retail
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Digital Marketing
Print Design
Creative Deliverables
Logo design
Brand presentation
Website design
Business cards

The Challenge: Logo and Website Design for a Robotics Brand 

Quartile 3 Robotics is a technology-based service that keeps track of inventory in auto dealerships using robots. Dealerships maintain a vast inventory, and every year cars disappear off lots, costing money and causing hassle. Quartile 3’s bots drive through the dealerships’ lots, capturing wide angle photographs and calculating inventory automatically, then log them into the catalog, eliminating the need for manual inventory and solving the expensive problem of cars going missing. The robotics brand approached Crème de Mint to craft a new logo and website design to showcase their innovative service.

The Project 

Q3 provided a cutting-edge service and offered a valuable solution to auto dealerships. However, the company needed a logo and website design that would appeal to their B2B clients, communicate the importance and ease of the systems, and establish the brand as a tech authority. 

Brand Identity and Logo

Quartile 3 Robotics droid Q3 logo design in orange and navy, with the 3 plugged into the Q like a socket.

We wanted the logo to reflect the tech-savvy center of the brand. Thus, the logo is designed to look like a droid and evoke a technical feel. It also looks professional, indicating that Quartile 3 is an experienced industrial robotics brand that can be trusted. In addition, the “3” is reminiscent of a socket, contributing to the robotic theme. 

The neutral navy blue invokes trust, while the pop of bright orange adds an exciting, modern touch. Then, we modified the Primal Regular font for the typeface of “quartile,” to add unique personality and a nod to the science and technology behind the brand. Finally, the clean, smooth Titillium Regular of “robotics” balances out the look. 

Website Design

We designed a sleek website to align with the tech focus of the brand, incorporating images of circuits, droids, and computers.

Quartile 3’s target audience was business owners and managers, not technical aficionados. Consequently, the website had to communicate the service in a way that they could easily understand. We provided simplified explanations on the website, with visuals and infographics that broke down the process in a digestible way. 

Brand Presentation

To communicate our vision for the brand and our inspiration for the designs, we created a brand presentation for Quartile 3. The presentation included imagery that tied into the brand, our inspiration, the color story that highlighted the “why” behind the brand colors, the font, the logo concepts, the patterns and visual elements that aligned with the brand’s identity, and mockups of print collateral. 

This presentation provided a visual direction for the brand and allowed the founders to understand the elements and how they would come together to establish the essence of the brand.

Quartile 3 Robotics branding idea board with bold tech-inspired colors and droid, gear, and circuitry design elements.

Print Design

We also created a compelling and intriguing business card design that aligned with the branding and ensured that the brand stayed memorable. As an added touch to help promote the brand, we designed stickers to leave at meetings—another way to stand out and get noticed.  

Quartile 3 Robotics business cards and stickers in white, orange, and navy with circuitry design elements.

The Results

Crème de Mint’s logo and the website set the brand up for success, attracting and appealing to the owners of dealerships and positioning Quartile 3 as a reliable tech service they could trust. In addition, the print collateral helped the brand market to auto dealerships and spread the word about their groundbreaking offerings.