Mother’s Little Helper cannabis package design for CBD supplements with gold lid, and pharmaceutical styled white bottle.
Project Info
Brand: Mother’s Little Helper
Client: Leto Brands
Industry: CBD & Nootropics
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Package Design
Creative Deliverables
Logo design
Package design
Mood boards
Brand presentation
Print artwork mechanicals

The Challenge: CBD Packaging Design for a Brand for Overworked Moms

Mother’s Little Helper is a CBD brand, producing pure hemp CBD capsules. The client, Leto Brands needed CBD packaging design and an elevated logo design. They also planned to expand their product offerings in the future and needed additional branding options for these products as well. 

The brand is aimed at middle-aged moms who find themselves exhausted after being constantly on for their families. They want healthy ways to relax and unwind, and they want to feel good about their decision to use CBD. Mother’s Little Helper is a way for them to take care of themselves while they take care of everybody else. 

The goal was to start selling online, eventually expanding into retail stores like CVS and Whole Foods, along with spas and women’s wellness centers. 

The brand wanted the designs to convey the premium quality of the brand, and appeal to moms who need a way to reduce stress. 

The Project 

Mood Boards

At Crème de Mint, our strategic branding agency, there were several viable directions to take the branding—we could play up the botanical side, use a floral theme, embrace the clinical side, or take an apothecary approach. We created mood boards that delved into different concepts, displaying the inspiration, imagery, color palette, and design mockups for each. This allowed the brand’s founder to visualize her options and ensured that the branding aligned with her vision. 

Mother’s Little Helper CBD packaging design inspiration in soft tones of blue and brown with a botanical, clinical direction for the brand.

Brand Identity and Logo

We decided to take a minimalist apothecary approach to the brand, breaking away from the traditional look of supplements and relying on nature-inspired colors with high-end finishes. 

The brand needed two logos—one for CBD capsules and one for their THC product line. The founders envisioned a monogram symbol along with the words, “Mother’s Little Helper.” For the CBD line, the founders wanted the monogram smaller, with the focus on “Mother’s Little Helper.” They wanted the focus reversed on the THC line, with the “MLH” carrying more visual weight.

Mother’s Little Helper logo design for their cannabis package design and THC product line with monogram symbol and logo typography.

The angled monogram “MLH” offers visual appeal and a premium feel. A metallic band evokes elegance and symbolizes support, the way that a mother serves as a frame for the family. The robin’s egg blue reflects nature, motherhood, and comfort, while the gold brings an element of luxury, symbolizing a mother’s value and need for self-care.

Mother’s Little Helper logo design with angled monogram “MLH,” light blue backsplash and gold border.

We also designed an elevated leaf image to incorporate in the packaging, bringing another reflection of nature and an assurance that CBD products can be healthy, wholesome, and high-end. The deep teal is soothing and peaceful. 

Mother's Little Helper cannabis leaf image icon in deep teal for the brand's packaging.

The Package Design

The founders wanted the packaging to be easy to toss in a purse and carry around. They also wanted a luxury look, something mothers could feel good about pulling out in public. It was also important to them that the packaging be both childproof and environmentally sustainable.

Mother’s Little Helper CBD packaging design for CBD supplements with gold lid, and pharmaceutical styled white bottle.

The white label captures the purity of the products. The gold, childproof bottle and lid is sophisticated, chic, and practical—helpful for keeping children safe while providing an upscale CBD experience. 

We recommended a pharmaceutical bottle made from 100% biodegradable plastic to align with the founder’s environmentally-friendly vision. We also added inviting language in the copy, with messages to moms that they deserve to take care of themselves and find relief: 

“MLH celebrates powerful, smart, sexy women who create balance for themselves in our imbalanced world.”


“A calming blend to get you through the day with ease.”

The Results

Our designs set the brand up for a successful launch, creating a high-end but comforting atmosphere to appeal to busy moms who deserve and need self-care. Their products sold out in their initial test release on Ebay. Our work opened the door for future success, possibilities, and expansion.

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“Lauren was excellent at executing my vision! I am thrilled with her work.”

—Victoria Ficklin, Mother’s Little Helper