Londel Analytics logo design with a bull icon and dark blue and grey font color palette.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Londel Analytics
Industry: Business & Retail
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Print Design
Creative Deliverables
Logo design
Fact sheets design

The Challenge: A Logo Design for a Finance Startup

Londel Analytics was a startup financial analytics company determined to outperform the S&P 500. The founders came to Crème de Mint for a logo design for the finance startup.

The two founders of the company are from London and Delhi—they combined their original locations to form “Londel,” the name of the company. The startup had to compete against major players in the financial world.

The founders needed a logo design that would establish them as professional authorities in the industry—something that positioned them as a smart choice and invoked trust, reliability, and knowledge. They also needed designs for their fact sheets to present a polished and cohesive brand image.

The Project

Brand Identity and Logo

Londel Analytics logo design with a bull icon and dark blue and grey font color palette.

We designed the logo to create a trustworthy feel. In the stock market, the term “bull market” means prices can be expected to rise. We used that concept as inspiration for the bull icon, representing the strength of the market and symbolizing a financial uptick. The bull also reflects the strength of the company to outperform competitors. 

We also wanted to play up the London and Delhi connection. The cow is a sacred symbol of India, adding an extra layer to the bull icon. The star represents London and Delhi. It also reflects the idea of bringing together ideas across countries under one sky—two people far apart can look up at the same star. 

The blended N and D expresses the success and knowledge of two backgrounds merging into one and becoming stronger together. 

The bold serif font of “Londel” evokes power and understanding, while the sleek sans serif typography of “Analytics” balances the design and creates a professional look. 

The Results

The logo established Londel Analytics as a dependable and expert financial analytics company. We created branded fact sheets that provided a cohesive look and lent an air of credibility to the brand. The designs laid the foundation for the founders to position themselves as authorities in the industry. 

“My business partner and I hired Crème de Mint to design our logo and fact sheet. Lauren took the time to understand the concept of the project and our background to design a logo and the fact sheet layout that was representative both of our culture and our project. She worked promptly with a turnaround time of less than a week. We have been thrilled with her service and would recommend her to anyone in need of a professional graphic designer.”

—Sneh Gulati, Londel Analytics