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Juicera Logo & Package Design


Juicera Package Design

Created the brand and package design for Juicera, a South Florida juice company that sells in Whole Foods. They wanted their own unique identity. Their previous design looked too similar to other juice brands. They wanted a simple, colorful juice line that would draw in the consumer.

Our approach was to give Juicera their own unique brand voice. The colors designed to be clean, bright and eye-catching. The half moon die-cut symbolizes the fruit and the drop (which is also part of the logo) is the squeezing drops of juice. What makes the juice itself unique to other juices? All their juices are 100% juice with no added water. What customers love about this product is how fresh, clean and true to the fruit it tastes. On the side of the bottle we came up with the iconic phase “made true for you” that we created to connect with the customer.

Juicera Logo Design

Juicera is a Miami cold pressed juice company. The rebranding of the Juicera logo is focused on the “U”. “U” is emphasized throughout the design, emphasizing the strong connection Juicera has to providing the best tasting juices to their customer “U”. A droplet filling the “U”…just as Juicera fills “U”, the customer. The U shape also mimics a glass-like shape.