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Bliss: Engaging Package Designs for a Popular Spa and Beauty Brand

Bliss packaging design box and skincare bottles in light blue with bright orange type on the packaging.
Project Info
Brand: Bliss
Client: BlissWorld
Industry: Beauty & Cosmetics
Designed by: Lauren Casgren-Tindall
Location: New York City, New York
Expertise Provided
Package Design
Print Design
Creative Deliverables
Package design
Marketing materials

The Challenge: Spa Gift Set Design 

Bliss is a popular spa and retail company based in New York that sells their products at most major retailers. The company reached out to me as a freelance designer and art director for several products, including Carrot+Sesame Body Buff, an at-home spa system designed for ultimate hydration. I helped Bliss create a refreshed design for this spa gift set.

The Project 

The spa system included a spa scrub with smoothing sea salt and hydrating honey to gently exfoliate without drying out the skin, as well as a finishing foam made with milk and honey to replenish and moisturize. Bliss needed a package design that appealed to their target market of young women who valued cruelty-free skincare and body care solutions. They also needed the designs to align with their established brand image and essence. 

Package Design

Bliss packaging design box and skincare bottles in light blue with bright orange type on the packaging.

I conceptualized the image of the woman enjoying her at-home spa treatment and worked directly with an illustrator to oversee its creation. In particular, I wanted the picture to reflect a fun, relaxing experience that revitalized the body. 

The typography of the package matched the look and feel of the Bliss brand—vibrant, engaging, and youthful. 

In addition, the box offered a glimpse of a positive, energetic at-home spa day that customers could create for themselves with Bliss products.  

The Results

As a result, the design of the box for the spa gift set contributed to a successful launch of the product, captivating attention and piquing curiosity. Bliss products were subsequently sold at many major retailers, including Nordstrom. They were also used at Bliss Spa locations in hotel chains like Marriott.