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Beauty Labs Logo & Package Design

Conceptualized the new brand Beauty Labs package design and branding. The flat iron was the first of the series to be developed followed by hair dryers and curling irons. The concept behind this design was to create a minimalist box design that highlighted the beauty of the iron using a frosted semi-transparent tinted sleeve over a silver box. This concept allows the consumer to view the actual product, along with allowing the cost of the photography of the items to be eliminated.

Inspiration: inspired by hi-tech, clean, medical environments of laboratories. the Lab concept is high tech and innovative. Drawing on the scientific symbols of the geometric structure of molecules that create breakthrough scientific technology and innovation. Colors are sleek color palette of gray, steel blues, stark whites and metallic silver. Logo font is a hybrid of Modny Thin & Drugs Regular. The icon is a scientific symbol of the geometric structure of molecules.