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Avon Aromadisiac Fragrance Logo & Package Design

Avon Aromadisiac fragrance package design
Avon Aromadisiac

Avon Aromadisiac

Designed branding and packaging for the new launch of Avon Aromadisiac fragrance duo. The concept of the fragrance duo was to give the feeling of temptation. Awakening every sense and desire. Creating an undeniable attraction. Bottles are designed to fit within each other. Just as the pairing of the female form with the male form.

The box packaging extending that sensual concept. Designed with silhouettes of the human form. Sensual and sexy. Aromadisiac for him is an arousing scent of spicy coriander and addictive fig surrounded by smoldering leather patchouli. While Aromadisiac for her is the ultimate seductress with the heat of pink peppercorn and addictive florals wrapped in a warm amber heat. Together the perfect duo.

Managed entire process from bottle design, to print production for North America, Asia, Europe and South America to the color of the fragrances.