I equate my gluten-free/dairy-free life very much to my new life as an entrepreneur. When you first start, your life is turned upside down. You no longer follow the routine you have always followed. The recipe for success is uncertain.

That brings me to the other day I was eating cauliflower soup that was a bit on the thick side and it occurred to be that the cauliflower had a similar texture to hot cream of wheat, similar color too. I looked online to see if anyone had made this comparison. Didn’t find any. So the next morning I set off for my experiment.






Creamy Cauliflower Porridge

1 head steamed cauliflower
2 TB honey
1 tsp cinnamon
handful of raisins

Blend with hand blender and done–creamy hot porridge!

Okay, so when I told others about my experimental creamy cauliflower porridge, most of them gagged at the thought. It didn’t taste as bad as you might imagine but it didn’t taste as good as I had imagined. At the time I thought next time I’ll try adding almond butter to change the flavor a bit, add a almond milk and maybe some nuts. Now after a few days, I am a bit more reluctant to try it again. Not all experiments, turn into good innovative recipes for success, but without trying, you will never know. And next time, I come up with a brilliant idea, I won’t hesitate to try it, because you never know where it will led you.