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Partner Up with a Complementary Brand to Increase Sales

Businesses rely on people in all capacities, whether they are customers or staff. It is no surprise, therefore, that a strategy involving the human element would be successful. A partnership could bring your brand increased exposure and benefit both businesses, as long as they are complementary, not competitive.

Complement an established brand

There is a saying in human resources that goes, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In other words, culture is the strongest force in business. Therefore, it makes sense for a brand to incorporate it into their strategy. Humm Kombucha, for example, partnered with the Seattle Seahawks to great success. The health beverage and Sunday’s favorite sport may seem mismatched at first, but a closer look reveals that athletes could improve their performance with the elixir. Since fans frequently attempt to emulate their heroes, Humm provided a sampling booth in the initial stages of the partnership, and then a stand once there was an established demand. Players enjoy the beverage while training, and fans look forward to it on game day. The rough and tumble culture embraced the beverage in a major way and the association allowed the brand to be incorporated into the Seahawks family. “We couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to work with the Seahawks,” Humm co-founder Jamie Danek said in a press release. “Fans will be happy to see another option for a healthy, low-sugar beverage. And we get to work with one of the most successful, forward-thinking and community oriented teams in the league. It’s a huge win for us.”

Collaborate with a shared target market

A limited partnership with high visibility should be considered. Agua Brands affiliated with The Free Ride San Diego, which provides a free and electric transportation option to locals. Agua was breaking into the West Coast market and wanted to offer samples to partakers of the eco-friendly ride. The beverage brand was a solid match, as they provide electrolyte-filled hydration without gimmicks and the driving service had a likeminded sponsor. The collaboration was enjoyed for two months and allowed Agua to access potential consumers who fit their target market of those seeking a greener lifestyle.

Seek to be generous

Charity is always welcomed. The Flint water crisis produced a need for purified water for residents saw struggling with lead-contaminated water that prevented them from drinking or washing from the tap. AQUAhydrate donated one million bottles of water to the cause because board members Mark Wahlberg, actor, and Sean Combs, a music mogul, felt that that their company needed to reach out to the besieged citizens to make a global impact. This led to more exposure for the brand. Sponsoring an event or charity effort can be a solid investment for a product. Research options that align with the brand. If a company sells fair trade dog collars, it may make sense to partner with a canine rescue organization.


Partnering with an established and complementary brand can provide beneficial exposure for your company. Culture can devour strategy, so become part of the culture. If a long-term association is not possible, seek a limited collaboration that can help you make impressions with your shared targeted market. Charity can also provide an opportunity for exposure. Research joint options to benefit your brand.

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