Is TikTok Good for Business? Find Out How to Put the Platform to Use

IPhone laying on white table with social media app opened.

Video marketing is skyrocketing in popularity, leaving many entrepreneurs wondering, “Is TikTok good for business?”  The trendy social media platform isn’t just for life hacks and funny animals—when used the right way, TikTok offers a world of possibility for small businesses.  But if you’re going to jump on this growing trend, there are a few […]

How to price a food or beverage product?

Grocery bag filled with yummy green veggies and vegan tzatziki product.

Determining how to price a food product can seem overwhelming. From profit margins to manufacturing costs to everything in between, you have a lot of factors to consider.  Price too high and your product might not sell, but price too low and you can’t make any money off of your business.  Fortunately, there are steps […]

How to Launch Your Own Skincare Line: From Foundation to Marketing

Skincare products placed on a wooden block lined up with baby's breath in the background.

If you’re passionate about skincare, you might have considered launching your own skincare line. After all, you’ve experimented with different brands, developed a feel for what works and doesn’t, and watched many brands gain success! Now is the perfect time to start your own skincare brand. The skincare industry is thriving, growing year after year. […]

How to Build Your Own Supplement Line: Everything You Need to Get Started

Build your own supplement line with Keto Science, showing supplement products placed in a row with fruit against a grey backdrop.

Do you want to build your own supplement line but aren’t sure where to start?  Starting an herb or supplement company can be a profitable business. The wellness industry is booming—it’s currently worth $1.5 trillion and growing every year!   Maybe you have a passion for herbs and natural healing. Or perhaps you have relied on […]

Your Brand Needs a Mood Board – Here’s How to Create One

Your Brand Needs a Mood Board – Here’s How to Create One

Put simply, a mood board is your brand come to life in a visual medium. It’s the bridge between the intellectual exercise of defining your brand and the process of creating your actual brand identity.  In other words, a mood board is the fun part of making your brand a reality! Remember making collages in […]

The Paleo Vegan Diet: How Peganism is Shaping the Future of the Food Industry

Paleo vegan diet consisting of a delicious salmon meal, topped with greens, unions, and pomegranates.

There’s a new diet on the block—the pegan diet, or paleo vegan diet. For business owners in the food industry, keeping up to date on the latest food trends is crucial.  From plant-based diets to microbiome diets, trends are changing, adapting, and growing. Especially in a post-pandemic world, people are more focused than ever on […]