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How to create video content?

Creating brand recognition is key to long-term success. With so many companies and products everyone is vying to capture the attention of potential customers. Video is a must to get your product or company noticed.

How do you create video content?

You are ready to get started on creating your video content, but aren’t sure how. Did you know the most viewed videos are taken with phones? Last month I attended the Sunshine PR Conference, where I learned now more than ever news reporters & producers resources are stretched so thin that they are looking for us to create meaningful content for them. Many will use your videos! This is good news for all of us.

So how do you create meaningful video content?

You want to make a video for your new baby product and like most of us, Kim Kardashian as your PR spokesperson is out of your budget. Instead look at interviewing a Mommy Blogger to be your spokesperson. Send them your product and interview them on skype. This video will be more authentic than creating a commercial or ad.

When creating a video the visual needs to match the content, if not then or you are just a podcast. On Vine, Lowes is doing an excellent job with their videos on “How to home improvement videos in 6 seconds?” #LowesFixinSix. It’s incredible to see what you can fit into a six second film!

More content, more eyeballs. So get creative with your videos!!

Video platforms:

1) Vine: get creative in 6 seconds

2) Instagram Video

3) Skype Video Interviews: interview with w/bloggers

4) Snapchat Video

5) Youtube: Make an educational video/how to video

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